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You can buy a mountain bike in Minsk on the dealer’s website, the list of which can be found in the menu. We are committed to creating the strongest, most agile and comfortable bicycles, and these are important characteristics. We are responsible for quality and offer our customers only the best products.

The mountain bike is designed not for high-way riding.

Key Features:

  • Smaller wheels than road bikes;
  • Raised frame for a more comfortable ride;
  • Bicycles can ride even where there are no roads at all.

There are several types of bicycles. Freeride bikes are designed specifically for jumping, speed, more versatility and fit for everything. The best choice is a two-suspension bike.

The cross country bike is used in the Olympic Games. The bikes are suitable for both slow and fast descents. For those new to cycling, this is a great option. For off-roading, these are the most suitable bicycles. Frames come in sizes from 16 “to 21”.

Downhiller bikes are great for downhill runs. The loads on a mountain bike are very heavy, so the frame must be very strong and with good shock absorption.

Trialist bicycles are not afraid of obstacles, you can jump on the rear wheel and not be afraid for its condition. Rubber is very durable and strong, it wears out for a long time and does not deteriorate from constant stress.

The Aist mountain bike is suitable for active sports enthusiasts, athletes, and for those who are not afraid of off-roading. The high-positioned frame will allow you to pass various obstacles and ride on any off-road. Any height, dirt or sand should not scare the owner of such a bike.

On a mountain bike, one of the most important selection criteria is the wheels. You need to take strong, durable rubber so that it is protected from punctures. The bindings, seat and frame must be strong, but not heavy, otherwise it will interfere with your speed. You need to pay attention to the mechanics – the transmission must be of high quality.