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Folding Bicycles

Folding bicycles Aist are specially designed for easy transportation. Our company has been creating bicycles of this form factor for many years. The best specialists are involved in the development of technologies, and the finished models meet all modern standards.

Features and pros of folding bicycles:

  • Less weight, which is very important for ease of movement and driving;
  • Convenience when moving and traveling, especially if you often travel out of town and constantly move your bike;
  • Simple designs resulting in a lower price than mountain bikes;
  • These bicycles are very safe, as they do not achieve high speed.;
  • The frame is low, which means it will be much easier to get up and down;
  • Transport can always be brought into the building and removed even in the pantry, they take up little space when folded.

The bike is very maneuverable, easy to drive and does not require any effort when taxiing. The Aist folding bike is a really great option for light summer walks. Bicycles fold more than 2 times, pedals and saddle slide, handles can be removed. How exactly to fold the bike you can read in the instructions or you can find a video in the Internet, the designs are very simple and intuitive. There are foot, rim and disc brakes. The frame is made of steel, aluminum or carbon. You can choose a bike by color schemes.

A folding bike in Minsk can be bought on the dealer’s website, which contains all the information about the model and its features. The price will depend on the size and characteristics.