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Road bikes

The Aist road bike is faster and more dynamic than others. These bicycles are made to ride on a good highway. At high speeds, the rider may encounter air resistance, but the road bike is specially designed to improve aerodynamics. You need to choose a road bike based on the goals and tasks that it will have to perform.


  • Lightweight elements: wheels, frame, etc.;
  • Wheels and tires are not as wide as in other models;
  • The absence of any shock absorbers.

Bikes like these are perfect for cycling, they ride great, but they are not ready for off-road. The handlebars are rounded and the seat is positioned to reduce wind resistance. A road bike can be bought in Minsk on the websites of our dealers, which you will find in the menu.

Types of road bikes:

  • Racing aerodynamic. With special sturdy wheels and sturdy frame;
  • Mountain racing, suitable for uphill climbs. They are specially lightweight;
  • Racing bikes are comfortable. They are more suitable for amateurs who like to ride for a long time.;
  • Fitness. These are special bicycles with a high seating position and straight handlebars.

Our company is engaged in the production of the best bicycles in Belarus, so if you like outdoor activities and sports, then you should contact us. On the site you can see detailed information about all bicycles of interest. To find out the availability or to place an order, you need to call the number indicated on the dealer’s website. There are all guarantees for the quality of the vehicles.